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How does multiplayer work?   

Clash's multiplayer mode lets you attack and visit bases that belong to other real life Clashers. By attacking, you can raid their resources like food, energy and, survivors, power stones. This lets you build and upgrade your base much faster than by simply saving up resources from mines or collectors. It's also a lot more fun!    

By winning battles, you can get medals. The more stars you get, the more medals you will win. If you lose the battle, you also will lose medals. Once you have enough medals, you can get entry into the medal Leagues, which allows you to win even more precious resources.      


What is the single player campaign?     

The single player campaign pitches you against 50 bases, each is more difficult than the previous one. This campaign is available to all players right from the start of the game.    

In the main interface, just tap the 'Attack' button to find the Single Player campaign on the right side of the screen:  

Every successful single player battle rewards you with food and energy, but the loot is limited for each level. The rewards grow as you progress in the campaign.  You only need a 1-star victory in a level to progress to the next. When you have completed all the stages, you will save the Dr. X. He can help you boost the productivity of Food, Energy, Survivors in the base!   

Single Player attack has no time restriction, and it will not affect your shield.  Also, a player will never lose or gain any medal in single player campaign. This offers a great way of getting familiar with the stage, while at the same time learning how to use troops more effectively.   

Now go and save the Dr. X 


How much damage is required to win a battle?  

In order to win a battle, you must win at least one star. Win stars by : 

Destroy Spaceship or 50% of the base = 1 star 

Destroy Spaceship +50% of the base = 2 stars 

Destroying everything (100%) = 3 stars     


What are shields and how do they work?     

Once you exit the game, your base is open to attacks from other players. After you're offline, the shield will prevent other players from attacking you.     

At the very start of the game, all players get a 3-day shield to protect their bases. After that, you can either buy shields with crystals at the in-game shop, or make the most of the free shields activated after being badly damaged in an attack. Depending on the damage, a shield will protect your base for the next 12 or 16 hours.

Please note that shields will automatically expire if you join the multiplayer game or visit another base using the 'Revenge' button. However, you can participate in League Wars or play the single player campaign without fear of losing your shield.


How are medals calculated?    

Clash of Zombies uses a medal system to match comparable opponents for you, meanwhile, if your medals are higher than 400 after the first attack, you will be distributed to a suitable level in Medal League.

You can gain medals by successfully attacking or defending against other players. The amount of medals you win or lose is based on the amount difference between you and your enemy. Remember:  

If you win an attack or defend against a player with higher medals, you will be rewarded with a larger number of medals      

If you win an attack or defense against an enemy with less medals, you’ll be rewarded with a smaller amount of medals      

If you lose an attack or defense against an enemy with less medals, you will lose a large amount of medals 

If you lose an attack or defense against an enemy with more medals, you will lose less medals      

In some cases, it’s possible to win or lose zero medal, such as revenge attack. This happens when a player’s amount of medals has significantly risen or fallen since the initial attack.


How could I lose more medals than I win from a single battle?      

The system assumes that the player with a higher amount of medals will be most likely to win the match. For example, if player A (with a high medal amount) attacks player B (with a low medal amount) and loses, the system will move some of the medals from player A to player B. Next time player A goes to attack, he will face easier targets while player B will be a target for even higher ranked players.   

So if you attack a player with fewer medals than you and lose the match, you’re going to lose more medals than you would have gained if you had won. Making a mistake as a high medal player has a larger effect on their rank than a low ranked player. High medal players will need to play extremely well in order to preserve their medals and ranks.  


What is a loot bonus and how can I get it?  

The loot bonus will be given after each successful attack, which means that you have to get at least a one-star victory to be awarded with the loot bonus. The higher the league you're in, the bigger the loot bonus you will receive.  

Please note that the bonus will not be awarded if the victory is the first one of the season or if the battle was a revenge.      


How are my opponents chosen in multiplayer?   

The matching system in multiplayer is the same for all leaders:    

It's based only on medals and not your Spaceship level or league.      

When you search for an opponent, you will match a player with nearly the same medals as you. Please note that you can match the same player for multiple times. 

Winning against a player with more medals than you will give you more medals than winning against a player with less medals than you. 

Matching is based on a wide range of medals so that everyone will always be able to find someone to attack. The system will always attempt to find the most suitable match for you.    

Search as much as you'd like to find the right opponent! But remember that you are spending Energy on each match, and matching cost rises as your Spaceship level increases.    

If you are losing a lot of battles, see where you can improve the layout of your base and positions of your laser cannon and particle tower etc., to defend raiders.

For more information on matching, please check out our fb post. If you wish to know how the available loot in your opponent's base is calculated, please take a look at this article as well.


How is available loot calculated?    

Loot is calculated according to the differences between your and your opponent’s Spaceship levels.   

For example, raiding a base

with the same Spaceship level you will get a high percentage of resources

with a higher Spaceship level you will give more resources   

with a lower Spaceship level you will get less loot!  


How do I get revenge on someone who attacked me?     

You can get revenge on someone who has attacked you by using the Revenge option in your battle log.  To access the battle log, tap on the "envelope" button on your base screen.  Then, select the Battle Log tab and press Revenge.      

There are a few things to keep in mind about revenge: 

If the revenge button is not available, it means that player just took revenge on you, because you attacked them first.      

You cannot revenge a player who has a shield or is online. If that's the case, try again later!   

If you have a shield, you should know that you will lose your shield by performing a revenge attack.    

It is possible that you get no medal for a revenge battle. Normally the matching system would not match you against that opponent, but the player still has the option to get revenge on you for attacking them, or vice versa. If you currently have a lot more medals than your opponent, the game might consider your victory as a given, and therefore not award any medals.  

Once you revenge a player, the revenge button will disappear -- revenges cannot be repeated.   

You will not receive a loot bonus after a successful revenge, even if you are in a league. 


How to get power stones?

You can get lots of power stones in following ways:      

1. Complete the daily quests.     

2. League boss challenge    

3. Arena 

4. Statue Tournament  

5. Hero challenge 

6. multiplayer mode    


How to upgrade the star of hero?  

You can increase hero's star once every ten levels. 


What's the use if survivors?     

You can use survivors do as follow thing: 

Buy some heroes 

Upgrade the heroes    

Train/Upgrade the zombies troops   


How to report the hacker?

If you find any hack behavior, pls feel free to contact caesars with the screenshot of hacker's base, report reason. We will deal with him as soon as possible!     


How to donate crystals to facebook friends?

First, please make sure you and your friends have signed in the facebook, then you can donate 1 crystal to your friends everyday. And the same player can only get once a day.      


How to check my profile? 

Please tap the top left corner "i" button, then you can see the detailed information of your troops, heroes, spells. And you can also check the progress of achivements and levels!